This week at LynDel 3D Cardmaking

More wintery days for us, not long now until Spring although all the bulbs have already flowered and need to be dead headed so that is a job for this weekend if the weather allows. I also have a tree at the side of the house that is going to lose a lot of branches as it smashes into my bedroom window and wall and has been keeping me awake a lot. Every time I have gone to do it we have had unsuitable weather but I don’t care if I have to tie an umbrella to my head it is going to be done. We had a lovely time in Ballarat with Adam and he met a racehorse and a pony who thought he was cute and they followed him everywhere. They were both so gentle with him it was really sweet and for a child that has not had a lot to do with animals he showed a lot of confidence in walking behind and under the big fella who didn’t seem to mind a bit. I have been making quite a few cards for workshops and am slowly, very slowly still cleaning out the craft room. I am thinking I need some baskets for storage for the odd items that don’t fit in the pizza boxes or other plastic containers I already have so will go hunting for something suitable on the weekend.

Below I have all the dates for the Picture to Page shows for this year:

Sandown - Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October – New date

(Sandown Raceway was unable to hold their original commitment due to changes in the AFL calender).

retail store is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm. We will also open via appointment where it is viable.
There is parking at the rear of the house in front of the shop so please utilise this facility rather than parking on the street.
We will be closed during September on 21st, 22nd and 27th.

New Stock

Hobbydols books 176 and 177 are in this week along with the matching poster. I have in a shipment of products from Craft Creations with replacement 3D die cut sheets, Mirri and Stardust Cardstock and lots of new stickers that are Christmas text.

In The Spotlight

Craft Creations Wheelbarrows

In this workshop I am copying cards from Craft Creations using their Flowers in Wheelbarrows themed sheets. The sheets are all die cut and the four sheets in the series are the Primrose, Poppy, Forget Me Not and Daisy. You can make 2 cards from each sheet and they are really stunning pictures. I have used 3 of the sheets to make cards, 2 with ideas from Craft Creations and a third that I have just done to suit myself.